Influenza Campaign 2020/2021

If you are eligible for the vaccination, please Request your Flu Vaccination Appointment.

Saturday 12th December – Venue Norwich City Football Club

This is for patients aged 50 to 64

This is your personal invitation to have a free vaccination aimed at reducing the likelihood of you catching flu. Your flu vaccine has been reserved for you.

We are experiencing a new way of working during the COVID-19 pandemic and want to make sure that you have an opportunity to get vaccinated against influenza. Not only are we vaccinating the over 65s and those under 65 with a medical condition that warrants protection from influenza but this year we are also vaccinating those people aged 50 to 64 who would not normally be offered a vaccination.

Because of the issues we find ourselves dealing with during this pandemic we felt that the surgery did not allow us enough space to accommodate those arriving by car but more importantly allow you to manage social distancing from other patients. Your health is our utmost priority.

The local consortium of GP practices approached Norwich City Football Club and they have generously offered to help us out. Some of the Norwich surgeries will be running their flu clinics inside the South Stand of the stadium. At the rear of the club, where the Holiday Inn sits is a 300 space car park which we believe is more than adequate to accommodate those attending for their vaccination. The Club will provide marshals to make parking easier and they will direct you the turnstile that we will be using. Once at the turnstile we take over, check the document that we will send you just before the Saturday clinic, direct you to a clinician who will ask a few questions, give you your vaccination and you will then be directed back out of the stadium via a different turnstile and back to your cars.

This year the UK government is strongly advising those invited to have a vaccination to take part in this programme.

It is proven that influenza can have a greater effect on those with chronic conditions and sometimes can lead to a spell in hospital.

Please remember that supplies of seasonal flu vaccine are limited and not everyone is allowed a free vaccination under the scheme. This is your personal invitation.

We anticipate vaccinating over a 1000 patients on the day and we have setup a Flu appointment request section on our website. Please can we ask you to place an afternoon or morning request via the website form and we will SMS or email back your allocated time for your vaccination.

Please do not telephone to book your appointment as this will clog up our telephone lines and prevent others with more pressing issues from getting through.

COVID-19 precautions and Social Distancing.

Please arrive at the football ground as close to your appointment time as possible. We will be busy and do not want people queuing, especially if the weather is inclement.

Remember please bring a face covering. Please maintain social distancing.

Please dress sensibly – you will be asked to bare your left upper arm for the injection so the fewer layers you have to take off the easier it will be.

The appointment is for an influenza vaccination and the staff will not have time to discuss other medical matters, please book a separate appointment for those questions or submit your question via our website.

If you do not wish to take up this offer may I suggest that you use the web form and tell us that you do not want to have a vaccination.

Garry Mahn

Practice Manager



Frequently Asked Questions

Why are certain groups targeted for the flu vaccine?

Complications such as bronchitis and pneumonia are more common in people with other conditions, especially if they’re also older.

In long-stay residential homes, vaccination helps prevent the rapid spread of flu among residents.

Why are people who live with those on the NHS shielded patient list being offered a flu vaccine?

The NHS wants to keep those who are most vulnerable to COVID-19 well this winter and does not want them to catch flu.

If you live with someone who’s on the NHS shielded patient list, or you expect to be with them on most days over winter, then you should ask for a free flu vaccine.

How long will the flu vaccine protect me for?

The flu vaccine will provide protection for you for the upcoming flu season. People eligible for flu vaccination should have the vaccine each year.

Can I have the flu vaccine while I’m taking antibiotics?

Yes, it’s fine to have the flu vaccine while you’re taking a course of antibiotics, provided you’re not ill with a high temperature.

If I had the flu vaccine last year, do I need it again now?

Yes. The viruses that cause flu can change every year, which means the flu (and the vaccine) this winter may be different from last winter.

Can the flu vaccine cause flu?

No. The vaccine does not contain any live viruses, so it cannot cause flu.

When is the best time to get my flu vaccine?

The best time to have a flu vaccine is in the autumn, before flu starts circulating. But even if it’s later, it’s always worth getting vaccinated.

Can I have a flu vaccine if I’m breastfeeding?

Yes. The vaccine poses no risk to a breastfeeding mother or her baby, or to pregnant women.

Is it OK to have the flu vaccine during pregnancy?

Yes. In fact, it’s important to get the flu vaccine if you’re pregnant.

It’s safe to have at any stage of pregnancy, including in the first trimester and right up to the expected due date. It helps protect the mother-to-be and newborn baby from catching flu.